Our Partnership

Future-Readiness Starts Here

Our beginnings date back to a client reorganisation where Zeenat (internal project lead) and Morrey (consultant) discovered that we could be a true partnership.

We are both seized by doing whatever it takes to help our clients and their people succeed, not just strategically, but in every domain.

Since then, we have united our efforts in supporting ambitious change programs, serving international clients who combine high aspirations with an openness to learn and grow.

Our chosen name – Guided Futures – reflects our most deeply-felt objective and how we work towards it. We know that our clients and their teams must actively prepare for a range of uncertain, even chaotic futures. We offer them guidance that strengthens them both to meet their urgent goals and be ready for whatever the future may hold.

Though our firm has now achieved a dozen years of growth and evolution, we feel we are just getting started.

“Strategy has always been about choice; now it must be about disciplined discovery”

Morrey Ewing & Zeenat (Manji) Chohan

Partners, Guided Futures

My story began in my native east Africa – a land that exposed me from the outset to diverse cultures and languages.

Raised in an entrepreneurial family, in the foothills of Kilimanjaro, I was encouraged to venture out and explore. This ‘urge to discover’ guided my next chapter when, with my wider family, I emigrated to Canada.

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It’s hard to recall a time ‘before consulting’ – stretching back decades to when I was the greenest of graduates.

My initial idea? Take degrees in business and public policy; join a consulting firm; start sharing your best insights with clients. I soon found that outside experts’ smartest strategies often fall short of the best work that client teams can learn to do.

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Photography provided by Andrea Stenson