Our Offerings

New Directions, New Ways of Working
Evergreen Strategy & Strategic Management

Engaging widening groups of participants in ongoing cycles of strategy definition, action and discovery; constantly learning from experience and external waves of change; embedding strategy in all roles, processes and forums

Living Operating Model

Defining and continually advancing practices and processes within and between functions that deliver on the firm’s strategic purpose, direction and goals; mobilizing collaboration to raise collective performance

Transformational Leadership

Articulating purpose and direction to thrive in a complex, volatile world; leading the organization into that new world; growing, developing, and modelling the change

Future-Ready Capability

Growing preparedness for unpredictable waves of change; developing emerging leaders and key contributors through intensive purpose-built mandates and experiences; creating an environment that promotes cycles of ‘design, test, learn and adapt’

‘Ownership’ Culture

Enlisting employees to continually challenge ‘today’ and innovate to build ‘tomorrow’; defining and living the required behaviours and attitudes; expanding ownership, delegation and accountability; instilling, reinforcing and sustaining that culture

Clients regularly ask the same questions, but the answers they need must be as diverse and unique as they are

Our Practices

Guiding Growth in Solutions, Commitment & People


We treat each client distinctively, tailoring our approach to what makes them unique


We strengthen our clients’ ability to lead waves of strategic business renewal


We equip them to build their own best solutions, not just accept someone else’s


We offer tools, models, ideas and challenges to support their independent development


We challenge and constantly improve our methods, learning from every initiative

Desired Outcomes

Our Goals for Our Clients

Rich outward and forward-looking insights inform debates, decisions and actions

Initiative, innovation and courage ‘go mainstream’, coming alive in every corner

Senior leaders set an example for personal development and growth

Employees consistently live by firm values, behaviours and culture

Emerging leaders step up to share accountability driving change

Teams of contributors build core components of the future

“To deepen ‘engagement’, first enlist your people to become agents of continuous change”

Morrey Ewing & Zeenat (Manji) Chohan

Partners, Guided Futures