Morrey Ewing

“In these turbulent times, the shelf life of the best strategies or solutions is declining sharply…the only way forward is a devotion to constant learning and renewal”

It’s hard to recall a time ‘before consulting’ – stretching back decades to when I was the greenest of graduates.

My initial idea? Take degrees in business and public policy; join a consulting firm; start sharing your best insights with clients. I soon found that outside experts’ smartest strategies often fall short of the best work that client teams can learn to do.

I gain real fulfillment in supporting internal leaders to do their own best thinking and raise their skills as leaders of change. My passion is to enlist them to harvest the full potential of their people. I am fortunate to help our client colleagues to build their own capabilities; learn from experience; and generate and constantly renew their strategies.

This journey has led me to serve firms across a wide array of industries, states of maturity and geographic scope. I have needed to absorb and integrate many disciplines and ways of working, to follow the path of a ‘deep generalist’.

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My Not-Yet-Fulfilled Dream

Toronto is one of the world’s cities best known for its ethnic and cultural diversity. Great percentages of our citizens have joined us from other countries, some fleeing as refugees, but all, striving for a better life for their families. As a result, Canada is so much richer – just like my partnership. Yet many migrants’ stories have not yet been shared or learned from. I dream of helping to build a global museum in which all the great migration narratives are told and honoured, where people from all over the world can learn why and how their people travelled.

Photography provided by Andrea Stenson