Can we ever be truly ‘future-ready’ for a volatile and kaleidoscopic future? It seems hard to predict which version of the future will unfold. By the time we know for certain, we are likely too late to the game. So how do we ready ourselves for a wide range of possible outcomes, early enough to be prepared for what is coming?

We call “Future-Readiness” the state in which we turn volatility and uncertainty to advantage. It is about shaping what lies within our potential to influence. It involves acquiring new skills and insights that strengthen our capacity to anticipate, innovate and respond. It requires us to continually prepare for whatever version of tomorrow unfolds.

Future-Readiness must be mastered at every level – individual, team, business and the wider enterprise. Indeed, we can only reach and sustain a state of Future-Readiness if we embed it in the DNA of our organization. Every staff member must own and contribute to this capability. We now believe that everyone must devote a major portion of their work lives to ‘building the future’, not just to ‘managing (the issues of) today’.

So, how do we attain a state of Future-Readiness – what do you find helpful in your world? In our experience, some of the elements most vital to advancing a future-centric culture include:

  • A future direction understood and personally owned at every level, so that we translate that guidance to shape every decision and action
  • Experience constantly gleaned for future insight, so that we strengthen our powers to adapt and prevail
  • Democratized innovation, so that we promote the conditions that stimulate creativity and value-creation
  • Leaders who are champions of Future-Readiness, in that they equip themselves and their people to ‘live at the horizon’

These are not standard ingredients where we can just add water and stir – each company will need to draw up its own best recipe for the futures it is facing. What will be right for you?

In future posts, let’s explore how to turn these four (and others) into your own formula for Future-Readiness.

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