Our Clients

Aspiring and Inspiring Leaders

Our client profile includes firms in banking, insurance, investments, stock exchanges, telecom, transportation, utilities and B2B solutions. The heart of our practice is centred on:

Major technology-intensive businesses and their central functions

Global and regional market-leading corporations

Executives and their leadership teams, emerging leaders, and key contributors

Progressive and future-shaping Boards of Directors

Our aim is to harvest the full potential for growth from every mandate, for example:

A Financial Market Utility

We convened teams of cross-enterprise functions for the first time, to build an integrated, streamlined operating strategy, backed by cost and productivity gains. Many grew as key contributors, opened up to new possibilities and stopped defending their turf.

A National B2B Solutions Provider

We helped the CEO and top team define new go-to-market product and service strategies and enlist next-tier leaders to plan design and delivery. This unique involvement sparked a renewed belief at all levels in their company’s future and their potential role in it.

A Large European Financial Institution

We guided the top executive and his leaders in transforming all aspects of their technology function over several years. This journey required them to envision an entirely new destination and drive a wholesale cultural shift. Top-down push gave way to increased collaboration, initiative and accountability.

A Financial Industry Agency

We supported a new CEO with a mandate to shake up a conservative, risk-averse organization. We helped his top team identify major opportunities for cost and revenue improvement as catalysts to engage teams of cross-functional contributors. Early sceptics stepped up to uncover and create breakthrough strategies, while building confidence in their personal and leadership capabilities.

A Global Pension Fund

We were invited to help the technology group, known for being high-cost and slow-moving, raise their professionalism and value in enabling their businesses to succeed. Reaching down into middle management ranks, we drew on those with much expertise to add and those with high potential. As they developed strategies to transform their processes and practices, they grew in their excitement and belief in their capabilities as a group.

A Power and Water Company Board

Already highly respected for their governance leadership, this Board sought to raise their performance to a whole new level. Our unique methodology helped this Board evaluate their future-readiness – its composition, structures and practices. We went beyond backward-looking evaluations to provide them with a comprehensive Board Advancement Roadmap, which laid the ground for the next several years.